Have peace of mind during the next WNY winter storm.
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Let our team work with you and your insurance after a fire, wind damage or other issue.

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Chimneys & Masonry

We specialize in chimney repairs, cleaning, installation and a full line of masonry work. 

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Fireplaces & Inserts

We handle new installations, replacements and conversions from wood to gas.

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We can repair or improve your hearth to make sure it’s working right and looking great.

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Additional Services

Chimney sweeping and annual inspection can keep your chimney clean, clear and safe.

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Your life doesn’t stay inside – and we don’t either. Let us design your outdoor fire pit space.

Our customers experiences on being prepared!

“Jeff from AAA Timberline was the first to suggest a log set instead of an insert for a fireplace I wanted to maintain rather than completely change. The log set was a more economical option, as my main goal was aesthetics rather than heating the entire house (but I can if need be). These changes solidify the comfort of my home. This was the first true blizzard that I ever experienced in my entire life, and I felt prepared with a truly functional fireplace that provided needed warmth. It was something to bring peace during a time of chaos.”

– Jessica R. found AAA Timberline to be extremely flexible and admired their honesty

“I was so impressed with their attentiveness to my concerns. They managed my expectations from day one and what the process would entail for me as a brand-new homeowner. There were no surprises, which I really appreciated, and the final outcome was everything I had envisioned it to be. This fireplace gives me something to really look forward to at the end of a long, cold, winter day here in Buffalo. It was an absolute life-saving experience during the winter storms that we experienced in November and December, and I am not sure what we would have done without it.”

– Jillian R.

“When we moved in a year and a half ago, we had to replace everything the previous owner had done to the house and we couldn’t even use the chimney. Working with AAA Timberline was a breeze! They came and knew what the problem was immediately. It took them less than a day; they were in and out, and the next afternoon we had our first fire going in our new fireplace. It’s nice to have the fire burning in the background and it’s always a comfort knowing it’s there when we need it, especially when the storm hit. We had our backup generator going because we lost power, and the fireplace did about 90% of the work in heating our whole house.”

– Kyle T.

“I was very pleased with the overall experience I had with AAA Timberline. They were able to get me scheduled and completed the week before Christmas – which, as we know, turned out to be extremely helpful timing. The job was completed just days before the historic blizzard, where I was left without power or heat for two separate twelve-hour occurrences. The work that AAA Timberline did was able to keep my family safe during the storm. Had they not been so flexible in scheduling, I do not know how we would have weathered the storm that affected so many of our friends and neighbors.”

— Jim C. was looking for something aesthetically pleasing but would provide warmth for him and his family

Large and Small, We Do It All

AAA Timberline has been exceeding expectations for over 39 years. What started as a trucking company that focused on residential delivery of firewood, sand, stone and gravel has grown into the full-service company that today specializes in fireplaces and chimneys and a full range of masonry repair, installation and replacement services.

Whether you are looking for chimney sweeping by a CSIA-certified chimney sweep, a chimney safety inspection, a new indoor or outdoor fireplace installation and design, chimney or masonry repair, restoration of your fireplace or replacing an existing install with a direct vent fireplace insert, look no further than the experts at AAA Timberline.

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Custom Outdoor Fireplace

We Fix Leaky Chimneys

Does your chimney leak, or do you have roof leaks around your chimney? Have you suffered freeze/thaw damage from the tough WNY winter? Are you missing bricks or have gaps in your mortar?

Make an appointment with the experts at Buffalo’s chimney company – AAA Timberline.