Custom Hearths & Fireplaces

Is your hearth and fireplace the focal point of your family’s living space? Maybe it just needs a touch up or perhaps some serious attention. Or how about letting yourself create a new look with a full custom hearth and mantle makeover! Send us all your hearth thoughts, pictures and designs and contact the team at AAA Timberline to make it happen today.

Fireplace Remodeling & Repairs

Fire. We sit around fires and have been doing so – well, forever. Everyone “imagines” fireplaces being used. Whether it is a mental image of an old Norman Rockwell painting, Christmas stockings hung on the mantel, or a romantic evening snuggled up to a loved one in front of a flickering or roaring fire.

If you have a room with a fireplace, then that fireplace is probably the focal point of the room. And If it isn’t, it should be. A great-looking fireplace can “make” a great-looking room. Take a look at your fireplace. Does it “fit” the room? Have you updated or remodeled the room or decor but did not know what to do about the fireplace?

Transform Your Fireplace

If you’re not entirely happy with the way your fireplace looks, let AAA Timberline transform it for you.

A fireplace restoration or transformation could give you more enjoyment. And as an added bonus, the upgrade will also increase the value of your home. Fireplaces significantly enhance home values.

Talk to the chimney, stove and fireplace professionals at AAA Timberline and let’s work together to create your dream room.

New Living Spaces

The dream of spending time with family and friends gathered by an open fire is a selling point in many homes, but not all homes were constructed with a fireplace.

Some of our customers ask if we can install a fireplace where one doesn’t exist. The answer is easy – absolutely we can!

Hiring AAA Timberline for your new gas- or wood-burning fireplace install is not only a means of adding greater enjoyment to your home, it’s a great investment, too.

Roughly 50 percent of new homes are being built without a fireplace, but 70 percent of home buyers are looking for homes with one.

Adding a Custom Fireplace to Your Home

If you’re thinking about value of a new fireplace, place it in the most-used room in the house. Usually that’s the family room or the great room. First-floor renovations and custom fireplace installs are easy and quite common – and a quick way to give your home and lifestyle a new look.

But if your goal is personal enjoyment or perhaps the more practical goal of space heating, the best place is where the fireplace, insert or stove best serves you: 

  • An upstairs spare bedroom may become a new spa, or possibly a library and reading room.
  • When you need more living space, some think of the attic, most run to the backyard, but why not refinish your basement and add a fireplace or stove for heat and ambiance?
  • That space that you are most likely using primarily for storage is prime fireplace remodeling territory.
  • For many homeowners, it’s the best-kept secret in expanding the square footage of your home, while at the same time increasing the value of your home. 

Is putting in a fireplace expensive?

We’re confident we can work out a plan for any room, in any home for most any budget, and depending on the design of your project, we can usually be in and out within two to four days. Installing a fireplace or stove is a popular renovation and buyers or current owners have several options when it comes to finding one that works for them.

The costs of installing a fireplace or stove will vary, depending on the type of fuel you would like to burn, the options you decide upon and the time required to complete the installation. But don’t let the sticker shock you – we offer financing options to help, and don’t forget that as a seller, you may enjoy a 6 to 12 percent increase in your home’s sale price simply by adding a custom fireplace or stove.


According to the National Association of Home Builders, 77 percent of home buyers list a fireplace as a most-wanted amenity. 

Home Is Where the Hearth Is

When researching different fireplace models compare how they will accommodate the layout of your home and ask us how we can help you decide which model is best for suited for you and your home.

Many homeowners are familiar with traditional wood-burning masonry fireplaces. These fireplaces are common among older homes and can be constructed of brick, block or stone, depending on a homeowner’s visual tastes. While the familiar wood-burning aroma, crackle and image of these fireplaces and hearths provide a homey feel, these are the most expensive type of fireplace to build, but more importantly, they are the least efficient. In fact they create a negative efficiency on the home when they are used because they are drawing over 800 cubic feet of warm air you paid to heat up the chimney every minute the fireplace is being used.

Many people think the wood they burn costs a lot of money, but in the long run the heated air that you lose out of your home far exceeds the cost of the wood you are burning. A gas fireplace or stove are other popular options for fireplace remodeling with our customers, namely because they are less expensive than installing wood-burning fireplace or stoves, and they do not require homeowners to purchase wood.

Check out some of our fireplace install projects

Consider an Electric Fireplace

When comparing installation costs to wood or gas burning models, an electric fireplace is the most affordable and simple option for individuals. These fireplaces are preferred by individuals who lack a great deal of space in their homes, but still want the warmth and aesthetics of a fireplace.

In addition, the easy installation of this type of fireplace ensures that homeowners will not have to rearrange electronics located near the fireplace. They are also an attractive choice for condominium owners who are not allowed to install a gas or wood burning fireplaces in their homes.

And now that we can install a fireplace in almost any room in your home, people who haven’t been able to enjoy a fireplace, now have the ability to sit back, relax and enjoy the warm glow of a fireplace with their family and friends.

AAA Timberline – Warming Hearts and Homes for nearly four decades!

There’s Something About a Fireplace

It’s holidays!
It’s family
It’s reuniting and or reminiscing.
It’s heat and protection, and it provides warmth and comfort.
It’s a gathering place for friends.
But for most; it’s simply peace.