Hochul backs eventual ban on gas furnaces and stoves in new buildings

Hochul backs eventual ban on gas furnaces and stoves in new buildings

Environmental groups largely hailed the proposals, with some calling for even more aggressive action.

In this photo illustration flames burn blue from a natural gas-powered kitchen stove on November 03, 2021 in Berlin, Germany.
The proposals face heavy opposition from some of the state’s gas utilities and the fossil fuel industry, as well as concerns from restaurateurs, business groups, homebuilders and other real estate interests.

“Governor Hochul’s plan on electrification will take away New Yorkers’ freedom to choose how they heat their homes, cook and drive,” said Rocco J. Lacertosa, CEO of the New York State Energy Coalition, Inc., which represents the downstate oil heating industry and advocates for supporting renewable biodiesel as an alternative to electrification and traditional oil fuels.

Last year, Hochul’s proposal to ban gas and other fossil fuel equipment in new buildings no later than 2027 failed to gain traction, with support from Assembly Democrats falling short. Groups with backing from the fossil fuel industry ran ad campaigns attacking Hochul for the proposal and raising alarms about electrification requirements in the state’s draft climate plan.

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